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Businesses today are in a cutthroat competition to discover and leverage hidden data and insights into their respective marketplace. Unlocking hidden opportunities through analysed insights has become the secret ingredient of shooting your way on the top of the competition. To leverage Big Data and actionable insights into operations, businesses have to look for a major assist from experts who specialise in hardcore analytics

Analytics – Oxeylo’s Gift to Businesses

Influencing technological mastery into operations and turning it into tangible and concrete business outcomes is what Oxeylo excels in achieving. We generate valuable and actionable insights by digging deep into data and maximising its value through deep core analytics solutions. Oxeylo s domination in unearthing the hidden value of data through smart analytics empowers businesses in elevating their value in the marketplace and having the upper hand amongst the competition

Next Gen Analytics

We help businesses in unlocking hidden insights through tools like predictive analytics, rigid and proven frameworks, decision science, and much more. Preparing your business for future trends and requirements is all possible through Oxeylo’s Next Generation Analytics.

Advanced Data Analytics

We don’t just analyse data, but we also delve into territories that can maximise the value of this data. Formulating and analysing new hypotheses for the future, discovering and delving deep into new data realms, implementing data driven strategies, and harnessing the true potential of Big Data without the exhaustion of human resources are all that we provide our clients.

Business Intelligence

Fragmented business requirements often create confusion and become a bottleneck for achieving goals for businesses. Our smart business analytics solutions help businesses in driving growth and improving performance through meticulous data analysis which generates insights that you can leverage and implement in your operations for seamlessly achieving future goals.

AI and Data Science

Pervasive and authoritative our optimum use of AI and Data Science technologies helps us in providing you with high end and industry proven results. Immersive experiences through contextual personalization helps businesses in unlocking new potentials and we help them achieve exactly that through cognitive AI and Data Science implementation.

Enterprise Data Management

We also help businesses in improving the efficiency and value of their pre-existing data silos. Product use, customer journeys, feedback, customer details, and all other kinds of similar data realms are thoroughly optimised and analysed to find the most helpful insights to help businesses across all their operational capabilities.

In the age of AI and smart technologies, realising the real value of data has started making an impact on how successful a business can be in today’s climate. The only viable solution for businesses to stay one step ahead is Analytics
Over 90% of enterprise analytics professionals depend on Analytics to help their organisations achieve digital transformation initiatives. This clearly brings forth the imminent need for smart and targeted analytics to achieve goals for businesses

Analytics and insights driven enterprises and businesses have been growing at a rate of over 30% each year, which is a better growth percentage than any other type of business. This foreshadows how big factor analytics will be in the future for determining the longevity of businesses

Data and Analytics driven organisations are 6 times more likely to retain their customers compared to other businesses, and 23 times more likely to acquire customers. Analytics helps businesses in driving exponential growth as compared to other methods, and is a key player in determining how fast organisations can achieve their benchmarks and goals
By 2025, more than 25% of all data created will be real time, and 95% of it will be generated by IoT. This means that analytics will prove to be an imperative resource for organisations to quickly and effectively process this data and optimise the data entries for the human resources to act upon swiftly.

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