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The complexity of the applications are increasing continuously because of interaction with other applications in different platforms and different technologies and different devices using the APIs and web services. Testing these applications has also increased exponentially. Modern day applications need AI and Machine based intelligence to [lay a role to accomplish a more comprehensive testing and reduce the complexity. AI identifies the issues based on the past tests (defects, results, logs, test cases, code etc) and to help understand the system behaviour better.

Software Test Automation?

Software test automation refers to the activities and efforts that intend to automate engineering tasks and operations in a software test process using well-defined strategies and systematic solutions.

Key objectives
  • To free engineers from tedious and redundant manual testing operations
  • To speed up a software testing process, and to reduce software testing cost and time during a software life cycle
  • To increase the quality and effectiveness of a software test process by achieving pre-defined adequate test criteria in a limited schedule

Test Automation Process

Oxeylo follows the six step cyclical process to successfully achieve the test automation for our customers
  • 1

    Understand test objectives, data what needs to be tested and verified

  • 2
    Author (Write/Record)

    Identify start and end conditions are for each test Code or record the requirements scenario into an independent automated solution with assertions

  • 3

    Run each test multiple times to make sure it is reliable including running with CI/CD

  • 4

    Verify automated test is doing what is expected

  • 5

    Share results with team to gain confidence in automation

  • 6
    Repeat/ Refactor

    Refactor test to make it more reliable if needed

Key success Factors
  • To reduce manual testing effort to free up the testers
  • Reduce redundant test operations
  • Systematic solution to track and record the issues
  • Achieve improved testing coverage
  • Continuous testing by integration with SDLC pipeline
Benefits from Oxeylo
  • Deep expertise in building the test frameworks
  • Automation CoE to accomplish quick POCs
  • Automation team comprises 10+ experienced consultants.
  • Preconceived tools and templates to fasttrack automation<
  • Robust automation process with guidelines and best practices
  • AI and ML based test automation

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