Image Processing Services

Image processing is the process of transforming an image into a digital form and performing certain operations to get some useful information.This service is becoming very crucial for a wide range of businesses. The human eyes cannot perceive the world as accurately as digital detectors. The implementation of image processing techniques has had a massive impact on many tech organizations
Hence, Image Processing services are used by businesses for accurate and comprehensive results.

Image processing Service offering by Oxeylo
1. Object Detection, Counting, Tracking

One of the main offering in Images processing is Image processing, counting and tracking.The digital detectors are used to Identify valuable details
in your data to extract insightful data, analytics or practical knowledge. A detailed and fully configurable reports and notifications based on your own parameters
with our object tracking services can be obtained, through the diffrent models of AI.

2. Image Annotation

Implement tags or other metadata to specify the details of the information and
utilize the tagged photos to teach the system to recognise those traits when given unlabeled and new data to the computer.

3. Semantic Segmentation

Achieve the pixel-perfect accurate annotated data that is highly precise. The Oxeylo's semantic picture segmentation services, is needed to train your computer vision models with top-notch training data to achieve maximum accuracy and

4. Custom Models

Oxeylo uses cutting-edge and custom-made algorithms to segment, quantify, and visualize complex images.

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