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Service Management focus on business optimization and innovation

Today’s information technology landscape is more complex than ever, and the cost to maintain it is on the rise. Oxeylo’s service management CoE can help companies overcome these challenges to improve  performance and achieve better business results. We provide flexible services that enable businesses to fine tune managed services to their IT and business objectives. 

We offer a full range of industry-leading services, including digital, enterprise resource planning, information management, and systems integration. This capability is supervised by our managed service advisory function that supports our clients to select the optimum managed service model and successfully transition to the target state.

Oxeylo Support and Maintenance Capability

Oxeylo Product Support services are provided by the ITIL and Technology certified professionals which is a perfect blend of Process and Technology to resolve the issues in the application. Clients get holistic end-to-end support for their applications in Drupal platform. We assess, diagnose, and resolve issues regardless of origin. When an application issue has been reported, it is assigned to the support engineer and would be resolved within the stipulated time frame. Our team works round the clock and ensures the 100% uptime for the applications. Our Product Support subscription includes application support tickets covering Drupal core, contributed and custom modules, and third-party integration modules. Oxeylo works to identify and diagnose the root cause of a reported issue and provide you with either a resolution or a recommendation for repair.

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Our Production support includes issues with:
  • Core and custom modules
  • Contributed and custom themes
  • Website(s) configuration and usage tasks
  • Website(s) not operating as expected within its environment
  • Modules or themes not interacting as expected

After resolving the issues, we document the resolution methodology used to resolve the incident which can be referred to in case similar issues crops up in future. All the resolution documentations are stored in the repository as a knowledge resource. This also includes the best practices in the form of articles and videos. All the issues or incidents are tracked using the ticket management system with the degree of criticality and severity.

Issue Categorization and SLAs

Problem Definition Categories You may submit support ticket requests using the level of urgency based on the criteria set forth below


With Urgency Description of issue as Critical Customer’s production system is inoperative; or Customer’s production operations or productivity are severely impacted with no available workaround or is a critical security issue.

  • Critical
  • high priority

    With High issue Customer’s production system is operating but issue is causing disruption of Customer’s business operations and workaround cannot be used for an extended period. This is the highest designation available for development and help desk questions.

  • High
  • medium p

    With Medium issue Customer’s system is operating and the issue’s impact on the Customer’s business operations is moderate and a workaround or alternative is available.

  • Medium
  • low priority

    Issue is a minor inconvenience and does not impact business operations in any significant way. This is an issue with little or no time sensitivity.

  • Low
    • Feature Enhancement

      System is operating correctly and Customer has identified a change that would improve the operation. Ticket type of ticket is out of the scope of support service. Oxeylo responds to support ticket requests within the time periods set forth below.

      table managed
      Oxeylo follows the ITIL framework for service management

      Incident Logging

      Support for all the submitted issues would be available during US business hours. Client can submit these tickets either by online ticket or a phone call:

      1. Online Tickets can be logged through online ticket management system used by the client.

      2. Phone – When filing a request, you will be directed to the Critical support voicemail. Leave a message with the name and phone number of the technical contact to be contacted, website name, and a description of the issue. Be sure to include a clear description of the symptoms and any actions taken that may be related to the cause or attempted remedies.

      3. Email – You can make requests of support by email. An online ticket will automatically be created in the ticket management system

      Incident Resolution

      Once the ticket is logged in the incident management system it is assigned to a support engineer. The support engineer acknowledges the client about the receipt of the ticket. The support engineer analyses the ticket and informs the client about the real issue, the resolution, and the timeline to resolve the ticket. The ticket is resolved within the stipulated time frame and this is intimated to the client about the resolution. The client verifies the fix and closes the ticket. The resolution is documented and stored in the repository for further reference. If the ticket is critical or of High category after resolution the Root Cause Analysis is conducted and measures are taken to prevent the occurrence of similar issues.

      Escalation Process

      In case the client is not satisfied with the current plan of action for an active issue they may request the matter to be escalated to Oxeylo management. They also request to review the matter with the Product Support manager. The following actions take place when they escalate an issue:

      1. The Oxeylo Support Leadership team is notified of the situation as appropriate and the Account Manager is notified as well.

      2. A review of the business need and technical case is conducted and an action plan is formulated with the goal of driving the issue to the most rapid resolution possible.

      3. Communication of the action plan is discussed with the client, including deliverables and appropriate timelines.

      4. If the communication is not acceptable, you may request to speak with the next level of management.

      5. Post discussions the action plan is worked out in the most efficient manner and ensured the resolution and closure of tickets in the fastest way possible.

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